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Angle Steel

Angle steel is steel strip which both sides mutually vertical. There are equilateral angle steel and unequal angle steel. The two sides of equilateral angle steel are the same. The specifications will be labeled by millimeters of siding*siding*thickness, for instance 30*30*3 namely said for equilateral angle steel with 30mm siding and 3mm thick. The specifications also can be labeled by model number and the model number is the centimeters of siding. Model number doesn't mean the same model that in the different thickness, thus in the contract and other documents should label the data completely, avoid using model number only.

According to the different requirements of structure, angle steel can compose different stress component, this kind of steel also can be used as the fittings between components. Actually, it is widely used in all kinds of architecture and engineering structure, such as the beam, bridges, transmission tower, lifting transportation machinery, ships, the industrial furnace, reaction tower, container shelf and warehouse shelves and so on. Large hot-rolled unequal angle steel is mainly used in factory buildings, bridges, vehicles and other large structure. Medium angle steel is mainly used for building structure, truss, iron shelf, support and so on. Small unequal angle steel is mainly used for angle steel structure.