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Hot-dip Zinc Coated Steel Sheet

hot dip zinc coated steel sheet

Hot-dip Zinc Coated Steel Sheet of Baosteel are featured with strong coating adhesiveness, high erosion-resistance, accurately controlled zinc coating thickness, high size precision, flat profile and good mechanical, processing and welding performance. Category of Hot-dip galvanized products:commercial purpose,drawing,deep drawing,extra deep drawing,supreme extra deep drawing,structure,cold forming.
The products of these lines are widely used in electrical household appliance, architecture, transportation, furniture, auto parts etc.
1. Applications and features are given as following table

Steel Grade Application Feature
DC51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z, St03Z) , DC51D+ZF Commercial purpose Low carbon and/or ultra-low carbon steel
DC52D+Z (St04Z), DC52D+ZF Drawing
DC53D+Z (St05Z), DC53D+ZF Deep drawing Ultra-low carbon steel
DC54D+Z (St06Z), DC54D+ZF Extra deep drawing
DD54D+Z (St06ZR)
DC56D+Z (St07Z), DC56D+ZF Supreme extra deep drawing

2. Available size : Nominal thickness: 0.30mm~3.0mm, nominal width: 800mm~1830mm Note: nominal thickness of a plate/strip is sum of base plate thickness and coating thickness.  
3. Chemical Composition % :

bse metal type Grade CHEMICAL COMPOSITION %
C Si Mn P
cold rolled steel sheet DC51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z, St03Z) , DC51D+ZF ≤0.10 - ≤0.50 ≤0.035
DC52D+Z (St04Z), DC52D+ZF ≤0.08 - ≤0.45 ≤0.030
DC53D+Z (St05Z), DC53D+ZF ≤0.08 - ≤0.40 ≤0.030
DC54D+Z (St06Z), DC54D+ZF ≤0.01 ≤0.10 ≤0.30 ≤0.025
DC56D+Z (St07Z), DC56D+ZF ≤0.01 ≤0.10 ≤0.30 ≤0.025
hot rolled steel sheet DD51D+Z (St01ZR, St02ZR) ≤0.10 - ≤0.50 ≤0.035
DD54D+Z (St06ZR) ≤0.01 ≤0.10 ≤0.30 ≤0.025

4. Mechanical performances and coating adhesiveness

Grade Mechanical performances Coating Adhesiveness
Yield Strength MP Tensile Strength MP ≥ After Breakage Percent Elongation (LO=80mm,b=20mm)% ≥ Bending Center Diameter in Following Coating Weight (g/m2)c (a=plate thickness)
Under following nominal thickness mm ≤140/140 >140/140~175/175 >175/175
≤0.7 >0.7
DC51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z, St03Z) , DC51D+ZF - 270~500 20 22 0a 1a 2a
DC52D+Z (St04Z), DC52D+ZF 140~300 270~420 24 26
DC53D+Z (St05Z), DC53D+ZF 140~260 270~380 28 30
DC54D+Z (St06Z) 140~220 270~350 34 36
DC54D+ZF 32 34
DC56D+Z (St07Z) 120~180 270~350 38 40
DC56D+ZF 36 38

5. Coating weight range

coating form Applicable Surface Structure Weight Range of Following Coatings a g/m2 (A/B)
Zinc Coating Zn-Fe Alloy Coati
equally coating Z,X,G,GX,N,R 40/40~225/225 30/30~90/90
differential coating N,R 30~150 (each side) -
a. 50 g/m2coating weight is equivalent to about 7.1μm. b. max. differential coating thickness ratio is 1:3.

6. Surface structure

Surface structure Code No. Features Application
Conventional spangle Z Spangles condensated on zinc coating under normal conditions after galvanizing. Commercial purposes
Small spangle X Surface in spangles smaller than conventional ones and due to controlled condensation of zinc coating. Applications where conventional spangles cannot meet the surface appearance requirements.
Skin passed spangle G Surface structure after special skin pass treatment. Applications of high surface quality requirements, such as color coating base plates.
Skin passed small spangle GX
Zero spangle N No visible spangles on coating surface as a result of a special production process. -
Zn-Fe alloy R No spangle, gray, normally matte Applicable to further painting

7. Surface treatment

1 Chromate treatment (L) Chromate treatment is a chemical treatment with an aim to prevent white rusts formed on product surfaces during transportation and storage.
2 Oiling (Y) Oiling is to prevent white rusts formed on product surfaces during transportation and storage.
3 Chromate treatment+ Oiling (LY) 3 Chromate treatment+ Oiling (LY) This treatment with oiling after surface chromate treatment is to further avoid the forming of white rusts.

8. Surface quality

Code No. Features
FB (O3) t is allowed for the existence of small erosion spots, dark spots, strip marks, minor chromate treatment defects and small zinc particles.
FC (O4) No erosion spot is allowed. However, it is allowed for the existence of light impression, scratches, zinc flow ripple marks, minor chromate treatment defects in small range, while the other side must reach FB requirements at least.
FD (O5) One side of relatively good quality must further restrict on defects, namely appearance quality after painting is not affected, and the other side must reach FB requirements at least.

9. Steel grade reference list of the standards, the cited standards and other standards

Q/BQB 420-2003 EN10142:2000
EN 10142:1990
EN 10147:1991
JISG3302-1994 ASTMA653M-2002
DC51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z, St03Z) , DC51D+ZF DC51D+Z, +ZF FeP02GZ, ZF SGCC CS type C
DC52D+Z (St04Z), DC52D+ZF DC52D+Z, +ZF FeP03GZ, ZF SGCC CS type A, type B
DC53D+Z (St05Z), DC53D+ZF DC53D+Z, +ZF FeP05GZ, ZF SGCD1 FS type A, type B
DC54D+Z (St06Z), DC54D+ZF DC54D+Z, +ZF FeP06GZ, ZF SGCD2 DDS
DC56D+Z (St07Z), DC56D+ZF DC56D+Z, +ZF DX56D+Z, +ZF (SEW 021) SGCD3 EDDS