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Exporting Complete Product Line of Seam-Free Carbon Steel Tube and Technical Training to New Market Economy Country
-----Advanced & Mature Technology, Originated from Germany
-----Build Your Solidest Foundation for Most Successful Business
We can supply you with:
1、Help the entrepreneurs or enterprises who invest in seamless tube industry, to ①establish the new factories, ②install and align the production line, ③provide technical advice and guidance, ④train technical workers, ⑤improve the technical level of the equipment.
2、Provide complete product line for Seam-Free Carbon Steel Tube and installation.
3、Provide technical advice, guidance and training.The Introduction to Seam-Free Carbon Steel Tube
1、After the thermo-mechanical control process (TMCP), the raw material (Low Carbon Micro-alloying Plate Steel) gives a much advanced performance to Seam-Free Carbon Steel Tube in obdurability and dimensional accuracy than traditional ones. This new kind of tube represents the development direction of the
world's pipes, for its great advantages during the manufacture processing, such as energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, water conservation, and material saving etc..
Further more, as the replacement of traditional tubes, it has a equal or superior quality, with senior performances in interior chemical composition, metallographic microstructure, mechanical properties, appearance size,etc.
It is not only applied to the manufacture of heat exchangers, low & medium pressure boiler and municipal construction, but also to the transmission casing pipes & oil pipes in chemical industry, power plants, fertilizer, oil & gas fields and other areas.
It is widely used as the continuous tube, expandable casing, and oil drill collar, drill pipe, representing the world's newest technology. In recent years, there are 55% oil well pipes of the globle market which are made by this technology. Undoubtedly there will be more, this is showing a huge market!
2、This technology and the equipment complex is originated from German. We accessed and absorbed Germany guides and experiences. After years of developing and improving, this technology has been completely enhanced and mature. These products are widely used in civil engineering and national projects in China, and exported to Europe, USA, Asia, Africa and other
countries and regions.
3、Because of the advanced technology with simple manufacture processing, uniform wall thickness, cut into different length easily, fast investment, less-pollution, low-carbon to the environment, good for environmental protection, energy & material saving, lower cost, etc., this technology had been listed as Chinese National Torch Plan Project to promote, and gained lots of national policy supports.
4、Import this Seam-Free Carbon Steel Tube technology,build your solid basis for your business empire and your better life.