Seamless Steel Pipes for H-M-L Pressure Boiler

AGICO combines 4 big seamless steel pipes and tubes manufacturers in China , acting as their international sales agent. We can supply full range of seamless carbon steel pipes and tubes which cant be supplied by any of the manufacturers alone. AGICO deals with all kinds of seamless carbon steel pipes and tubes, including carbon and alloy pipes used for boiler, oil field, geological drill and diesel engines etc. We also sale welded steel pipe like ERW, SAW, S SAW to international markets

Our aim is to make our customer buy the right products at right prices.

We can provide seamless tube in different standards for our customers around the world, such as Chinese standards (GB), metallurgical industry standards (YB), ASTM, ASME and API standards of America, European standards EN, Japanese standards JIS, United Kingdom standards BS and Germany standards DIN. We can produce all kinds of seamless steel tubes with various specifications and sizes(hot rolled, cold drawn and cold-rolled), Our products have been sold throughout the world, such as USA, Germany, Britain, Vietnam, Israel, Poland, Korea, India, Belgium and Burma etc.
Our main varieties of seamless Steel Tube: high-pressure boiler seamless steel tubes, L&M pressure boiler seamless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, high pressure chemical fertilizer seamless steel tubes, structure seamless pipe, fluid seamless steel pipe, ASME standards T-series high-pressure boiler seamless steel tubes, API standards oil wells pipes, construction machinery tubes, cold drawn Seamless Steel Tube, and many other high quality carbon steel pipe and alloy steel pipe etc.

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  Seamless Steel Tubes Common Structures Seamless Pip
  High Pressure Seamless Boiler Pipe L&M Pressure Boiler Seamless Pipe
  Seamless Steel Tube for Diesel Engine Seamless Tube for Chemical Facility
  Petroleum Cracking Seamless Tube Precision Seamless Steel Tube
  Oil And Gas Well Casing Tube Seamless Steel Tube For Dominant
  Seamless Steel Pipe for Mandril Carbon Steel Tube for Ship
  Hot-Rolled Steel Plate Hot-Rolled Steel Strip